Christina Schwermer

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Outsider Art


"Painting is a religious occupation" (F. Hundertwasser)

I was born in Berlin on October 24th in 1964 and grew up near Stuttgart, Germany and Winchester, England. I studied Ethnology/African culture and languages in Saarbrucken and Berlin, graduating in 1994. In addition to my university studies, I trained as an actress, focusing on improvisation. I have worked as an Italian interpreter on large construction sites and as a press officer in theatre. I live in Berlin with my American Partner and spend part of the year travelling and painting in Belize, Guatemala and other countries.

I am a Self-taught / Outsider artist and I am proud of it. I started painting in 1996 while I was working as a volunteer in a children's hospital in Haiti for Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos (NPH). Since 2000, I have been painting mainly angels and mythical beings from various cultures, as I have been painting and travelling all over the world on a tight budget, except Asia.

Painting is a way to communicate with "upstairs", painting is the expression of being guided, painting is my way of spiritual learning, which is not connected to or inspired by any religion or spiritual movement, but a purely personal thing.

Between 2010 and 2016 I have been working on a series of paintings called the "Seven Deadly Sins" created in Belize and Guatemala. I spent many months on a small island in Belize, Central America, and the anthropologist in me had a lot of time to study the dramatic island community and peep behind the scenes of that backpackers' paradise... The series of the Seven Deadly Sins, or the "Mysterious and Mighty Creatures fighting against the Seven Deadly Sins" and "Mashimom's Daughters" has been inspired by my observations of life on a small island, consequences of competition in order to survive and outcome of racism within community life. Probably this could have been any island on earth; I do not believe that I made any extraordinary observations. I just had the chance to look deeper than a normal tourist does. But I hope it inspired me to paint some art, which is more than just ordinary...

Exhibitions and Gallery activities: Since 2002 I have organized over 15 solo and group shows in Germany, France and Belize, including an exhibition at St. Michel d'Aiguilhe, Le-Puy-en-Velay, France (chapel built in 962 AD) and also at Dock Street Gallery, San Pedro, Belize. As I gained a lot of experience by organizing my own exhibitions I decided to promote also other self-taught artist friends and founded Zero-B-Charity-Art-Sales, an international online and studio-gallery in 2015. In April 2017 I have been exhibitor at Artexpo SOLO New York showing a selection of the series of The Seven Deadly Sins.

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